About Photojeeper

I started in photography way back in High School (1980); I worked in many photo labs doing custom B&W printing. I also did freelance photography and 11 years photographing U.S. Navy recruits going through Navy Boot Camp. After just not finding a long term position I went into the IT (Information Technology) working with servers and desktops. Although this is interesting and I was still using my creativity it has not given me as much pleasure as photography has.


As I started to get back into photography; mostly the Fine Art (landscapes, plants, wildlife and still life) I needed a way to further then hiking can especially with the camera gear. So then the fact that I needed a vehicle to take me out to those places; so then a 2wd Ford Ranger was used I was able to get better access to areas like dirt roads and desert washes. Then came the time after a rainy night in Fonts Wash in Anza Borrego the Ranger was almost to pavement and I got stuck in the soft sand. Good thing for a shovel and a couple of cardboard boxes that had firewood. I was able to get to back to pavement. So that limited slip read differential was not enough. So now I needed a more capable vehicle to travel the back roads and trails. Reading many of the 4wd magazines and seeing the interesting mines and ghost towns and trails that lead to scenic lakes got me very interesting the exploring; after seeing that the Jeep was the primary vehicle of choice and knowing about the history of Jeeps got me looking at them as a serious platform for my photography trips. After looking at the many used Jeeps that were either so built up and a lot of $ was be asked and then seeing the “fixer up” Jeeps that would take even more $$ to get running. I decided that a new Jeep would be better since I knew the history of it. Enter my 1990 “YJ” Jeep Wrangler.


 I then went on a couple of camping trips with the Jeep and enjoyed the traction that 4wd can give. Needing to get more skills in negotiating rocks, hills etc. I found a 4wd Club (Tierra Del Sol 4 Wheel Drive Club) while I did get the knowledge on using the Jeep to its full potential and getting to know some good people and seeing the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, East Mojave Desert. One thing that happened that I was not expecting is that I got distracted from my main mission – exploring and photography. It is hard to be in a group of vehicles and to stop and wander photographing the landscapes and details. After 16 years of not doing the type of photography and not going to the places that I wanted to I left Tierra Del Sol 4 Wheel Drive Club to pursue that original purpose.


A new chapter with a Jeep vehicle is coming…

For many years and lots of modifications and many trips; wear and tear happen and more repairs were needed that required time in the shop. Also updates to the YJ would prevent going on trips. So, with that a secondary Jeep was needed. In 2020 I ordered a new Jeep. A 2021 Jeep Wrangler “JL” Rubicon.


So here comes this web site…

The term of Photojeeping is defined as “Using a Jeep to get to an area to photograph”.

 I am a “Photojeeper” - Defined as – “A person that does photography and uses a Jeep to get there.”


Photojeeping awaits!


Jerry “JJ” Hutchins

The “Photojeeper”